Contracting  Solutions                          for
       Emerging Entrepreneurs

Base Operations, Inc. can help to bring clarity to your project, and help you build the required foundation for business success.

   We offer personalized service and offer Webinars tailored to your needs and courses focused on Business Planning and Contracting. (see our "Business Planning Series 101".)

Contracting and How to Do Business with the Governement

Base Operations Strategic Solutions, Inc. provides individual and personalized assistance, call to schedule an appointment today.

    Contracting Assistance Services

Contracting Issues that we can help with, when you want to do business with the Government.

  • Small Business Utilization and Certifications
  • Preparation Legal and Contracting Documents
  • Bonding Assistance & Loan Packaging
  • Grant, RFP, and Technical Document Prepartion
  • Construction Related Services
  • Project Development and Roll-Out
  • Operational Management and Administration
  • Construction Management and Procurement Services
  • Contract Audit & Financial Administrative Services
  • Governmental Affairs and Legislative Analysis

    Base Operations Strategic Solutions offers business entrepreneur Course modules on a series of topics to help you start with your first step on the right foot.

    Seminars and Courses can be scheduled for group settings in three hour increments for Series of Contracting Nuts N Bolts Modules Courses 200 thru 205.

   You will have the foundation to get you to where you want to go with these brief and affordable instructional courses.

Contracting "Nuts N Bolts"

     For the Emerging Entrepreneur who want to take our instructional seminars, we offer Course Modules on the "Nuts & Bolts" to Government Contracting 201

Take all five instructional seminars on the "Nuts & Bolts" to Government Contracting

We offer our Clients five differently tailored Course Modules to help you proceed, . .
ready, and prepared for the world of government contracting.

These courses are scheduled over a two (2) week period, with focused emphasis on topics during four (4) sessions per course, and are available on the various topics and areas of emphasis for which we help prepare our clients for the barriers, and mile-posts one must be ready to overcome.

    Check on News and Events for Courses Scheduled and their Locations.

        "The Nuts & Bolts" to Government           Contracting

      Course Series 200

Are you wanting to do business with the government, but don't know where to begin? Do you have a basic understanding of procurement, but want to better your chances of getting the contract?

Regardless of your level of familiarity with the process there is something for you in this series, taught by a regional expert.

  • Business Structure and your Portfolio Development: Course No# 201

  • Working Document, Operating Agreement, and Contracts: Course No.# 202

  • Understanding Industry Codes, FAR and Vendor Certifications: Course No. # 203

  • Business Development,Bid Strategies, RFP Responses: Course No. #204

  • Contract Management, Administration, Uniform Contract Code: Course No. #205

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      Government Rate for elegible participants of Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Centers, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Dept. of Labor.
      Courses are schedule over a six (6) week period for 2hours per week.

      Seminars, Workshops and Indivual Counceling Sessions are available.

      Call to meet with one of our councelors to see if you qualify.

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