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       Base Operations Strategic Solutions
    is independently chartered as a 501c3
                Not for Profit
                                                   Base Operations 'The Readiness Center'

   We offer personalized counseling, educational, and business programs for participants of Division of Voc Rehabilitation, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Veteran's Organizations, and at-Risk Minorities seeking to better their opportunities.

    Our Partners are committed to helping us with our goal of advancing opportunities for our Community.

We work with our partners to provide convenient, safe locations to host our classes and seminars.

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 Course Locations & Partnerships

 Pikes Peak Library District - 21 C North

 Women's Resource Agency -Citadel Mall

 Widefield Community Center

 Pueblo West Library

 Trinidad Junior College

 Veteran's Upward Bound Program - Student Center

Scheduled Seminars

 Career/Work Force Readiness Programs
Re-Inventing Yourself / Advance your Competitive Edge

 The Emerging Entrepreneur Business Course 101
Fire in the Belly Check, What you should know befor you start.

 Transforming your Business Idea into a Success Plan
Where to start: Go from Good Idea to Angel Investor

 How to "Do Business with the Government.
Understanding the world of Federal Contracting.

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Individual Counseling and Group Seminars Available

    Pricing for courses:

    Government Rate for elegible participants of Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Centers, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Dept. of Labor.
    Courses are schedule over a six (6) week period for 2hours per week.

    Seminars, Workshops and Indivual Counceling Sessions are available.

    Call to meet with one of our councelors to see if you qualify.

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