How do our Partnerships
Help You?

           Climbing to Greater Heights doesn't
       have to be a daunting task. We work
       together with our Partners, and together
       provide the support for your success.

          Your chances of success are greater
      when you know there is team working
      with you.

           Come and Join our Partnership!
          Together we can achieve our goal!

About Our Partners and Sponsors

     Base Operations Strategic Solutions, Inc. works with our Partners through our "Not for Profit" 501c3 designation Base Operations Readiness Center to assist with Access to the Work Force, Career Readiness, Educational and Vocational Providers,
including our government partners.

     Our Partners and Sponsors help ensure that the services provided are often available to Military Personnel in Transition, and their families, Service Disabled Veterans, Individuals with disabilities, Minorities, Women in non-traditional fields,
and at-risk Youth by Sponsoring our programs, or funding our activities through grants or cooperative agreements.

Working with Our Partner's

Designing Programs
to Help You Succeed

We work with our Partners to offer many program opportunities, and utilize these programs for our clients:
  • Learning & Educational Service Center Programs

  • Veteran's UpWard Bound Programs

  • Dept. of Veteran Affairs GI Bill Traing & Education

  • Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation
    Career Readiness & Self Sufficiency

  • State Work Force Development Centers
  • Vocational Training Programs

  • Life Skills, Mental Health and Wellness Counseling

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