Understanding Government
           Contracting and FAR

     The world of government contracting comes with a whole differnt vocabulary, processes and procedures.

     Base Operations helps our clients navigate this arena, so you don't feel left in the dark.

     We provide Technical Assistance in government policy implementation, economic and financial management, Audit services, funding enhancements, and procurement contracting development, by leveraging our knowledge of Federal Acquisitions Regulations, legislative mandates, and industry market trends.

      Base Operations Strategic Solutions, Inc. provides Technical & Management Assistance for U.S. Dept. of Commerce Business Development Centers, Indian Health Service Grants, U.S.D.A Business and Industry Finance Programs, and SBA Guaranteed Loan and Bonding Programs.

      We understand the World of Government Contracting, and Commerce.

Federal Contracting Regulations Resources

The site links below may be helpfull for quick reference for:

Helpfull Hints to rules and regulations and doing business with the Government.

Base Operations can provide the Subject Matter Knowledge and Expertise to navigate the arena of government contracting.

We provide our client with timely updates on changes in the rules and policies that affect your industry and that may have a direct impact on you, and business decisions.

Code of Federal Regs

Defense Federal Acquisitions Regulations

"Need to Know" Information and Research Sites

List of DFAR Regs subparts

Most frequently requested.(PDF Format)