Programs   &  Solutions                          for
       Emerging Entrepreneurs

       Base Operations Strategic Solutions,
      can help you navigate the unknown path

      As a trail blazer, we are familiar with the      terrain and we have the expertise to help
     you get to where you want to go.

      Achieve a competitive edge, and compete     in the arena of big business and realize
                                                              desirable outcomes.

Individualized, Group Seminars
Self Sufficiency and Career Readiness Courses:

Our services include on-line and on-site business and vocational training locations offering accessible and affordable pathways to career and self sufficiency.

Base Operations, Inc. can help to bring clarity to your innovative idea, and help you build the required foundation for business success.

Base Operations offers courses in Continuing Education, Business Courses for the Entrepreneur, Vocational Apprenticeship and Certifications in Construction Trades and Non Traditional and New Emerging Technologies.

Complete your Business Plan, Earn College Credits, Learn a Vocational Trade, Gain that Certification, and Self Esteem to compete in the workforce.
    "An apprenticeship is the 'other 4-year degree'. It is a tried and true job training strategy that offers a reliable path to the middle class, with no debt," said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
Whether you are seeking individualized consultation, or want to work hand-in-hand to complete a Business Plan, or get certified in a Vocational Trade,. . . We can help you.

We offer tailored tutorials and courses focused on Business Planning and Federal Contracting Nuts N Bolts.   We serve Southern Colorado and New Mexico, working with community partners like the Small Business Administration, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, State Workforce Centers, local educational institutions, and Business Development Centers.

         We work with other organizations to provide work site
    locations, for these courses including computer labs, and
    Business Counselors to help you.

                           Read more about our Courses offered, Schedule of computer                                  labs,work-site partners, and reserve your seat.

    Business Planning 100 Series

We provide personalized service and offer Webinars on subjects like:

  • Considering a Business? "The Fire in the Belly Check"
  • Business Start Up. Defining "Who you are" first" and Common First Step Mistakes
  • Small Business Tax ID and Legal Structure
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Development
  • Financial Analysis and Budget Planning
  • Construction Related Services
  • Project Development and Roll-Out
  • Finance Packaging, Loan Prepartions
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We Can help you on an Individual Counseling basis and work along side you to navigate the road ahead.

    Career Readiness Series

We provide personalized service and offer Webinars on subjects like:

  • Making Technology Work for You? "Computer Literacy Seminar"
  • Defining "Who you are" first" and Creating Your Elevator Speech
  • Resume Writing and Interview Techniques
  • Product and Presentation "Your Skill set and
    What You Bring to the Table
  • Building Self Esteem and Your Personal Image "ReInvent Yourself"
  • Time Management, Budget Planning, and Goal Setting
  • Life Skills, Mental Health and Wellness

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Base Operations Strategic Solutions, Inc. provides direct Contracting Assistance for Clients working or seeking to work with the Government.

For the Emerging Entrepreneur who want to take our instructional seminars, we offer Course Modules on the "Nuts & Bolts" to Government Contracting.

    Contracting Nuts N Bolts 200 Series

We offer Courses and trainging Modules on the following.

  • Small Business Utilization and Certifications
  • Preparation Legal and Contracting Documents
  • Bonding Assistance & Loan Packaging
  • Grant, RFP, and Technical Document Prepartion
  • Joint Venture and Teaming Agreements
  • Understanding Intellectual Properties
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • mentor-protégé relationships
  • Construction Management and Procurement Services
  • Contract Audit & Financial Administrative Services
  • Governmental Affairs and Legislative Analysis